Asher recrop
Pastel on Terracotta Sand Paper.

Size: W. 14" X H. 18.5"
Date: February 26, 2014

This is one of about three pastel portraits I have attempted. I think I will one day get he hang of it.

Asher is an authentic sixties throw back. Yes, but Asher is a REAL hippy and without even trying. It’s just who he is. He plays base with North Street Band out of Perth, Ontario, Canada and traveled with me in Europe during the fall of 2013. Asher can build almost anything, he can shoot an slaughter deer or moose with a knife. More importantly he owns his own pick-up truck and quite happy to live in it if need be. His best friends are stray dogs. Essentially, if I we’re ever forced into survival mode, I’ll want to find him quick.

Funny how life works. After meeting him and planning a three week trip to England, Italy and Slovenia, I happened to learn on Facebook that his grandparents, mother and other family members were close friends of ours long before he was born. Here I am hanging out on a third branch of the Baumann – Jesionka family tree.