Moshen Boghdadi Crop
Conte’ and Pastel on Honeysuckle Mi-Teintes 707-195

Size: W. 12" X H. 16"
Date: January 10, 2014

My friend Moshen Boghdadi (father of Peter) passed away in December. Over the years of knowing Peter, Moshen and I became more than acquaintances. Due to the distance that separated us we didn’t get to become fast friends but we did share love for many of the same things, particularly his youngest son, Peter and more importantly, Jesus, in that order. Moshen was an Egyptian Coptic (a system that I really can’t feel much affinity for) but nevertheless, we could both lay this small difference aside and concentrate on what really matters.

In some cultures (like the native American) one does not ever say, "Good Bye" but always, "I will see you again."