Cristiano Pugiotto

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Conte’ and Pastel on Canson Mei-Teintes "Honeysuckle" (707-2320)

Date: January 20, 2014
Size: W. 10" X H. 14"

Cristiano is the son of my dear Venetian friends, Piero and Natasha Pugiotto who live on Isola della Giudecca. I first met Piero before he was ever married some eight years ago. We became good friends and always meet up with him on my way through Venice. He has since met and married a most beautiful woman and I love her as much as I do Piero. They now have two children and Cristiano was their first. I will eventually draw Livania, his sister in the same style and size.


Moshen Boghdadi

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Moshen Boghdadi Crop
Conte’ and Pastel on Honeysuckle Mi-Teintes 707-195

Size: W. 12" X H. 16"
Date: January 10, 2014

My friend Moshen Boghdadi (father of Peter) passed away in December. Over the years of knowing Peter, Moshen and I became more than acquaintances. Due to the distance that separated us we didn’t get to become fast friends but we did share love for many of the same things, particularly his youngest son, Peter and more importantly, Jesus, in that order. Moshen was an Egyptian Coptic (a system that I really can’t feel much affinity for) but nevertheless, we could both lay this small difference aside and concentrate on what really matters.

In some cultures (like the native American) one does not ever say, "Good Bye" but always, "I will see you again."

Kevin Eduardo Ferreira

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IMG_1878 crop
Carbon Pencil on Bright White Stonehenge Paper

Size: W. 10" X H. 14"
Date: January 2, 2014

Kevin lives with us. I first met him some seven or more years ago in Parma, Italy when he was but a kid hanging around the church. I could recognize early that this was a boy with a future and watched him grow into a leader and man of God. I had the idea to try to help him some how. He had no father in his life so I took him under wing and brought him to America with the vision of seeing what could be done with God’s help. Neither Kevin nor I had any money to throw around but people got behind him and with a generous scholarship from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina and the help of church friends Kevin paid for his first year and ended the first semester with a 3.6 average. It is really amazing how he fits right in with our family and Jeanne in particular likes his compliments on her cooking and baking. He is smart enough to know that this will keep it coming.