Wolfe’s Carbon Pencil (2B / 6B) on Canson Classic Cream Drawing Paper

Date: November 30, 2013
Size: W. 10.25" (26 C.) X H. 13.25" (33.5 C.)

When I was last in Parma (October of 2013) Paolo came to the window to smoke. I took a photograph of him that became this drawing.

When I was an art student my first degree was a B.F.A. in Drawing Painting and Print- Making. Yes, there are such degrees and though they make no one a nickel one pays handsomely for them. During those years I became acquainted and excelled (to may satisfaction) in lithography (working directly on stone with grease pencil and other materials). Carbon pencil on paper feels and reacts the same. The main difference between carbon pencil and charcoal is that you cannot blend it with the finger. All of the subtleties must happen with cross-hatching or with the side of the pencil.