Terra Cotta, Conte’ Pastel Pencil on Oyster Mi Tieites with white highlights.

Size: W. 16.75" (42.5 c) X H. 18.5" (44.5 c)
Date: November 20, 2013

Giovanni Pellegrini is my Parma hotelier and friend. He asked me to draw his twin sister and provided a scan of what he thought she might like. I do agree it is a charming image and having never met her, I hope she appreciates my treatment of the photograph. Admittedly, because of the lighting, there was not as much detail as I might have live liked but accurate likeness in a drawing is not nearly as important as capturing the moment . This is a lovely and particularly fresh "catch." Someone got her just at the moment she arrived and stepped out of the car. Everything was a flutter and there went the shutter.