Mechanical (.05 – 2B) Pencil on Canson Eggshell Drawing Paper

Size: W. 11" " (28 c) X 15" " ( 38 c)
Date: November 27, 2013

Giv is the proprietor of Ducale B and B where I stay in Parma, Italy. I discovered him and Ducale about three years ago and I have made it my home when there. In time we became friends. Just so you know, Giovanni believes in the "theory of relativity" his relatives get the same price as everyone else and he applies this same rule to his friends. ; ) Anyway, his price is MORE than fair and I can walk to everything that matters. He asked me to draw his portrait and sent me this picture. It’s from the back stage of Teatro Reggio. Giovanni is addicted to opera and spends a lot of his time looking down on orchestra pits, people heaving at the chest and singing to one another in elaborate costumes. This was an alright photo but I am looking for something of my own and the next time I’m in Parma (May), I will pose him for myself and then we’ll see if I don’t get him perfectly. Stay tuned.