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My most basic portrait valued at around $120.
CarbOthello (Stabilo) Terra Cotta 1400/645 on Strathmore Tan Charcoal paper

Date: November 28, 2013
Size: W. 11" (28 c.) x H. 14" (35.5 c.)

Quite often I fill time by drawing in coffee bars and the like. Though moving quickly while waiting on customers, the best non-posed (most likely to staying around longer than a demi-tasse of expresso) is the waitresses themselves so I set about to sketch them as they flit from table to table. These ladies and men often want me to draw a real drawing of them not knowing that this is my profession and not a hobby. Sometimes I take their picture and promise to send a drawing to them but they rarely believe this. I like to surprise them by keeping my word. This is just such a case. I rarely get as much as a free coffee in return for the gesture but I do it any way and this has opened the door to many long-term friendships.