Charcoal on off white charcoal paper.
Size: H. 14″ x W. 10″
Date: January 11, 2010

About a year ago I painted a little girl by the name of Abby. You can see her picture here on this site. At that time, her mother Susan worked at Starbuck’s and that’s how we came to know one another.

Just recently, I was in Starbuck’s waiting for my wife while she took a swim at the local YMCA. Often, while I am drinking a coffee, I have my sketch pad and draw the patrons from table to table. Since I had no paper or pencil with me, I borrowed a ball point pen and on the back of a napkin drew a simple portrait of this young lady by the name of Gabriela. When my hour was up, I went my way and she went hers.

About a week later my friend Susan came in with Gabby in tow so after a conversation I asked Gabby if she would pose and she happily agreed.

In the collection of the artist.