Caesar Sangermani

Terra Cotta Carb-Othello 645 and 670 Pastel Pencils on Canson Mi-Teintes

Size: W. 14.5″ X H. 19.5″
Date: January 3, 2013

In September I visited friends living in Liguria – the city of Chiavari. My friend Emile works for one of the oldest, family owned sailboat builders in Italy. On one of the days, Emile took me down to the marina and through the boat works. On the way out he said, “I want you to meet Caesar, the owner. He is a real character.” When I entered the dimly lit office, there he sat surrounded by sailing photographs, memorabilia and paraphernalia. Emile was right, Caesar is the kind of guy that would be difficult to hide. He has an old world air about him that seems to have placed him in the right kind of trade.