Angela and Gloria (Pappalardo) Bellone

Charcoal Pencil with White Conte’ Highlights on Grey BFK Rives
Size: W. 13′ X H. 11′
Date: June 2, 2010

Babies aren’t always that easy to draw but I think this is a good one. I’m talking here about little Gloria, not her Sophia Loren eyed mother, Angela.
About ten years ago now a young Italian fellow showed up at the college where I taught for eleven years and still do on an adjunct basis. Since I was interested in Italy, Tano became my friend and still is to this day. On several ocassions, in cities like Trieste, Parma and Catania, Sicily he has been my translator and no one does it better. Having lived in England and America he has a ready grasp of both idioms and can make up a “dynamic equivalent” in a heartbeat. As he will tell you, I rely heavily on coloquial expressions that nobody, except those within one hundred miles of the Cimarron River in Oklahoma, might recognize.
Well, he went off and invited this lovely Sicilian girl to marry him and she accepted. The “two became one flesh” and this happened to be the bright eyed, Gloria. They now live in London where I (Zio Tony) stop in when traveling through on my way to Italy or Norway or some other place.